2x03. "Ingram, TX"

written by John J. McLaughlin
directed by John Patterson

original airdate: January 23, 2005
running time: 50 minutes


Back Again
artist: Henry Davies
occurs: Plays on the radio as a roustie repairs an automobile.
+ At the APM Library (CAR 148 The History Of Jazz). EXACT

The Moxie Cola Jingle: Just Make It Moxie For Mine
artist: unknown
occurs: Plays on the auto's radio before Justin's Church Of The Air.

South Side Shuffle
artist: Keith Nichols
occurs: Rita Sue complains to Stumpy that he's working her too hard.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 04.
* HBO's website spells this song Southside Shuffle.
+ At the APM Library (KPM 91 Music Of The 20s, 30s and 40s). EXACT

Mississippi Blues
artist: Saul Broudy, Zan McLeod
occurs: Libby flirts with Jonesy.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 03.
+ At the APM Library (BEST 28 Americana 2). EXACT

Limelight Dance
artist: unknown
occurs: Min's Kitchen as Tommy questions a waitress about the Dignity Ministry fire.
+ Unconfirmed: At the Parry Music Library (PML 1013 Time Periods 1).

Me And My Shadow
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Stroud and Justin sing to themselves.

Saturday Pictures
artist: unknown
occurs: Background carnival music. Stumpy talks up his act to a group of minors.
+ Unconfirmed: At the Opus 1 Music Library (AVF 133).

artist: Lecuona Cuban Boys
occurs: Libby dances in front of the minors.
* HBO's website spells this song Tabu.
+ Available on a CD called Rumbas & Congas: Gold Collection. EXACT

Beside The Seaside
artist: unknown
occurs: unknown
* Can't locate in show. HBO's website describes this song as background carnival music. Perhaps while Jonesy watches Sofie repair an automobile. Music is probably overpowered by Jeff Beal's score.
+ Unconfirmed: At the Opus 1 Music Library (AVF 133).

artist: Roger Abaji
occurs: Ruthie charms the crowd with an exotic snake dance.
+ At the APM Library (KOS 110 Middle East). EXACT

The Creatures Of Prometheus, Opus 43: Overture
artist: unknown; originally by Ludwig Van Beethoven
occurs: Radio in Lodz's trailer as Sofie sleeps before station changes to Justin's Church Of The Air.
* HBO's website spells this song The Creatures Of Prometheus, Concerto For Piano & Orchestra #3 D Minor Opus 30.
+ Recommended Alternative: London Festival Orchestra version at AOL MusicNet, iTunes (Beethoven: Classical Overtures). CLOSE