1x09. "Insomnia"

written by William Schmidt
directed by Jack Bender

original airdate: November 9, 2003
running time: 45 minutes



Shine On Harvest Moon
artist: unknown
occurs: Sofie's trailer after Sofie experiences a vision of Apollonia being raped
+ Recommended Alternative: Rosemary Clooney version at iTunes (Rosemary Clooney Greatest Hits). NOT CLOSE

Donna Non Vidi Mai (I Have Never Seen) - from the opera Manon Lescaut
artist: unknown; originally by: Giacomo Puccini
occurs: Morning at the carnival, Lodz's trailer as Lodz and Lila discuss Ben.
* HBO's website spells this song Dono Novidi.
+ Unconfirmed: At the Firstcom Music Library.
+ Recommended Alternative: Enrico Caruso version at AOL MusicNet, Real Rhapsody, iTunes (Great Opera Arias). CLOSE

"Cream Of Wheat" Jingle
artist: unknown
occurs: Radio commercial following The Romance of Erica S.

Diving Girl
artist: Jack Shaindlin
occurs: Intro music to Tommy Dolan's radio show True Tales From On The Road.
+ At the APM Library (CINE 4 Dance Orchestra). EXACT

Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K. 488: II. Adagio
artist: unknown; originally by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
occurs: Sherwood State Hospital as Justin listens to True Tales From On The Road.
* HBO's website spells this song Piano Concerto #23.
+ Unconfirmed: At the Extreme Music Library.
+ Recommended Alternative: Versions at AOL MusicNet, iTunes (Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 20 & 23). CLOSE

You've Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
artist: Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra
occurs: Tommy kisses Iris but she rebuffs his advances.
+ Recommended Alternative: Maurice Chevalier version at Real Rhapsody.

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
artist: Jonathan Starkey
occurs: Background carnival music. People enter the carnival, carnies steal from a mark.
+ At Firstcom Music Library. EXACT

American Patrol
artist: Andrew Pilmer
occurs: Background carnival music. Plays during the Turtle Boy, twins, and Man Eating Chicken acts.
+ At the APM Library (KPM 209 Mechanical Instruments). EXACT

Spirit Of Arabia
artist: George Fenton, John Leach
occurs: Lodz demonstrates his psychic talents to a paying crowd.
+ At the APM Library (BR 106 Israel-Arabia-India-China). EXACT

Merry Go Round
artist: Raymond Alessandrini
occurs: unknown
* Can't locate in show. HBO's website describes this song as background carnival music. Perhaps when Samson asks Ben how he knows Latin. Music is probably overpowered by Jeff Beal's score.
+ At Firstcom Music Library. EXACT

Halawa Saudi
artist: Dirk Campbell, Rick Fenn
occurs: Ruthie charms the crowd with an exotic snake dance.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 12.
+ At the APM Library (CAR 220 Balkan/Gaelic/Middle East/Africa). EXACT

Working Man Blues
artist: King Oliver
occurs: Jonesy and Rita Sue grow closer as Ruthie continues her snake dance.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 11.
* HBO's website spells this song Working Man's Blues, while another alternate title is Workingman Blues.
+ Recommended Alternative: Faster version at eMusic (Louis Armstrong And King Oliver). CLOSE