1x01. "Milfay"

written by Daniel Knauf
directed by Rodrigo Garcia

original airdate: September 14, 2003
running time: 57 minutes



Nearer My God To Thee
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Carnies sings at Flora's funeral.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Members sing at First Methodist.

The Wrong Road
artist: Hall Brothers
occurs: Samson and Jonesy discuss Ben on the road to Milfay.
+ At eMusic (My Rough & Rowdy Ways Vol. 2). EXACT

Six Or Seven Times
artist: Cab Calloway
occurs: Lila's trailer as Lila and Lodz play cards.
+ At eMusic (The Early Years, 1930-1934, Volume 1 Disc 2). EXACT

Under The Bamboo Tree
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Gecko sings while doing laundry.

Casta Diva (Chaste Goddess) - from the opera Norma
artist: unknown; originally by: Vincenzo Bellini
occurs: Lodz's trailer as Lodz and Samson discuss Ben.
* HBO's website does not list this song.
+ Versions at the APM Library (CLASS 10 Opera/Religious/Choral). CLOSE
+ Recommended Alternative: Maria Callas version at eMusic (Maria Callas & The Great Sopranos). CLOSE

Rock A Bye Baby
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Mother sings as she rocks her dead baby in her arms.

You Wouldn't Fool Me, Would You?
artist: Annette Hanshaw
occurs: Sofie stops for gas in town.
+ Available on a CD called Lovable & Sweet: 25 Vintage Hits. EXACT

Peacherine Rag
artist: unknown
occurs: Background carnival music. Ruthie challenges her audience, Ben is impressed by a sword-swallower inside the ten-in-one.
+ Versions at the APM Library (KPM 106 Piano Ragtime). CLOSE
+ Recommended Alternative: Reginald R. Robinson version at eMusic (Sounds In Silhouette). CLOSE

La Mere Michele
artist: Cast Recording
occurs: Twins sing in French as they perform their act.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 10.

Santiago Waltz
artist: unknown
occurs: Background carnival music. Jonesy operates Colossus, Stumpy and the girls work the bally.
* Listed on HBO's website as Song 09.

Creole Love Call
artist: Duke Ellington And His Orchestra Featuring Adelaide Hall
occurs: Libby and Rita Sue dance on stage inside the Gay Paree tent.
+ At eMusic (A Centenary Celebration Disc 1). EXACT