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HBO Toasts Freak Show
by Anthony D'Alessandro, Variety (January 11, 2005)

At HBO's Thursday night premiere for "Carnivale's" second season, the cast shared stories about working on the freak show.

"I have an old dog and she gets very nervous. She'll start growling at things that aren't there," said skein creator Daniel Knauf. "Maybe she sees things that we don't."

As the show's snake charmer, Adrienne Barbeau has had to contend with more than her fair share of reptiles: Animal handlers are constantly driving away rattlesnake interlopers.

But, seriously, who's more challenging to work with --- the snakes or Swamp Thing?

"Making 'Swamp Thing' was difficult," Barbeau laughed, "but Dick Durock, who played Swamp Thing, was a sweetheart."

Those attending the sideshow on the Par lot included Ed Harris, exec producer Howard Klein and thesps Clancy Brown, Carla Gallo and Clea Duvall.