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The World According To... Michael J. Anderson
The Independent - London (September 21, 2004)

Michael J Anderson has a genetic bone condition; he is 3ft 7in tall and was unable to walk until his twenties. He is best known for his role in Twin Peaks, for which he learnt to talk backwards. He stars as Samson in the HBO drama Carnivale

Has political correctness gone mad?

Yes it has. The original idea was fairness, or at least politeness. Take any good idea to an absurd degree and the original value of it will, of course, be lost.

What's the best way to deal with prejudice?

Maybe just to demonstrate one's own individuality. If who you are inside is shown to be more significant than what you are outside, then prejudice is shown to be fallacious.

Is the supernatural a reality or just a plot device?

Reality seems to be what one makes of it. There is far more about the natural universe that is not understood than is understood.

Should everyone learn to talk backwards?

How the human race has gotten through so many thousands of years without this vital form of expression utterly defies imagination. Just for the record, my favourite palindrome reads "Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog".

Fame or fortune?

They are both illusions. No matter how much of either you have, there are others with more and less. There are people asking for my autograph who, if not for fame, would have crossed the street to avoid walking too near me.

What is your greatest desire?

To grasp even one element of genuine truth. Failing that, my hope is that in the brief period we are allowed to live, that I might be able to say, through art, something significant/useful/huh?

Do you have faith in your president?

As the twin towers came tumbling down, one great loss seemed to be the basis for the evolution of consciousness we had achieved in this country since the Sixties. This is evidenced by the dramatic shift to the right our culture experienced. Politics in America has been reduced to performance art. The appearance of reasoning is far more important than reasoning itself. He's doing OK, but I'd give Reagan the Oscar.

When did you last cry?

When I read the previous question. As I drove away from Denver to seek my "fame and fortune" in New York City, I watched the Rocky Mountains grow smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror. There alone on the highway, I cried. I cry when relationships end. I cried violently when my father died.

Is there any point in protesting?

I believe that an open forum facilitates a healthy competition and natural selection of ideas.

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